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Artists With the Most Hot 100 Pop Hits in the '80s
Some of the names on this list will be entirely unsurprising, linked as they are with some of the most ubiquitous hit songs of '80s pop. Others, however, may come ...
Top '80s Country Pop Songs - 80s Music - About.com
These '80s country pop classics earned their day in the pop music sun during one of pop music's most distinctive crossover eras.
Unique Canadian '80s Pop Hits - '80s Pop Canadian ... - 80s Music
In most cases, pop hits that reached No. 1 in Canada closely reflected the top of the charts in either or both the U.S. and U.K. However, on a few occasions a pop  ...
Top Melodic Pop Songs from '80s College Rock Artists - 80s Music
If the mainstream pop charts during the '80s had paid a bit more attention to the activity from artists deemed college rock, post-punk or alternative acts, they might  ...
True One-Hit Wonders Artists of the Eighties - 80s Music - About.com
'80s Artists Whose Only Pop Hit Went All the Way to No. 1 ... here's a chronological list of the only '80s artists to satisfy the strictest definition of one-hit wonder.
'80s Christmas/Holiday Songs - Top 8 Most Memorable Pop/Rock ...
Having registered that disclaimer, here's my take on the most memorable (and not necessarily the best) pop/rock holiday songs of the '80s, offered in no ...
'80s Remakes of No. 1 Pop Songs That Also Became Top Hits
Question: Which '80s remakes of No. 1 pop songs also became top hits? This particular phenomenon has rarely happened in pop music, but somehow the '80s  ...
Top 10 Songs of the '80s - 80s Music - About.com
Foreigner enjoyed a number of hits in the '80s, but none reached a level of ... Some '70s and '80s hard rock bands turned to pop out of desperation or just pure  ...
A Collection of Top Songs Lists From the '80s - 80s Music - About.com
An effort to count down the best and most memorable songs of the '80s can certainly ... Both popular and sound in terms of quality, these pop songs include ...
Best Madonna Songs of the '80s - 80s Music - About.com
And even though much of her success was derived from image, the best Madonna songs of the '80s achieved a very high level of pop songcraft. In chronological ...
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