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'80s Background & Culture

As much as many of us may wish it did sometimes, music does not exist in a vacuum. It is inspired, created, damaged, cheapened and even made permanent as a result of the political and social climate that surrounds it. The '80s was a vibrant, eclectic period that crackled and hummed as it carved out its path.

Top Songs from MTV's First Day of Music Video Broadcasting
Almost everyone remembers that the Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star" was the inaugural music video shown on MTV at its August 1, 1981 launch. But here's a look at the best of the rest.

MTV – Profile of '80s Cable Network MTV
MTV, one of the '80s most singular, well-known phenomena, served as a backdrop and venue for much of the pop music of the '80s. By popularizing the music video format for the masses, the cable network allowed audiences a visual intimacy with their pop music idols never possible previously.

The Interactive '80s Network
Here's an all-inclusive '80s site that covers all things '80s, from music to culture to historical background. It's a fine place to start if you're wondering about the backdrop that helped birth this memorable decade.

The '80s Server
Surf here for general knowledge and links related to '80s entertainment, trivia and miscellaneous topics relevant to the decade.

'80s Exchange
For an all-encompassing information resource, look no further than the '80s Exchange online.

Awesome '80s

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