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'80s Nostalgia, a Life of its Own

Even before the '90s really got started, '80s nostalgia had emerged as a full-blown phenomenon, with "'80s Night" at dance clubs and retro radio shows already popping up all over. Perhaps more than any other decade, the '80s felt like a self-contained era to those who lived it, and music has always been at the center of that impulse to look back.

'80s Nostalgia
The name says it all for this website dedicated to dredging up all kinds of memories from back in the day.

In the '80s
Here's another comprehensive retro '80s site for your perusal. It covers familiar ground but with an eye toward rekindling the fuzzy feelings the decade brought then and continues to bring as age befalls us.

Here's a resource for when you want to recapture the spirit of your '80s glory days. Dress to impress with a variety of 80s-themed t-shirts.

I Miss the '80s
Well, the name says it all, but if you're looking for camaraderie for your '80s fixation, you may be in luck.

Driko's '80s Music & Nostalgia
More fuel for the fire of that trip down '80s memory lane.

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