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Interviews/Artist Insight

In many cases, we can best understand the aims, goals and philosophies of artists by hearing straight from them what they intended with their music, what they gained from their careers and just what their experiences in the '80s were like. Look here for interviews, quotes and other forms of insight directly from the minds of '80s icons.

An Interview With Nina Blackwood, Original MTV Veejay
Original MTV veejay Nina Blackwood, who experienced the evolution of '80s music at the forefront of the video revolution, speaks about the continuing relevance of the era's music.

10 Questions
A selection of brief interviews with a number of rock stars over the past three decades, with more than a few '80s-era subjects.

Hall & Oates Interview
After more than 30 years together, Daryl Hall and John Oates continue to make music together. Here, they talk about their past and future in music.

John Mellencamp Interview
An Indiana television station spends some time with '80s icon John Mellencamp and looks back at his long and storied career in music.

Rick Springfield Interview
Catch up with Rick Springfield nearly 20 years after he exploded onto the pop charts. He's still sharing his music with the legions who still love to hear it.

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