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Here are resources on one of the brightest of all '80s stars, a versatile singer, songwriter and accomplished musician who thrived in any style he chose.

Prince Artist Profile
'80s superstar Prince has continued to work consistently for more than 30 years, even if he's never reached the commercial or critical heights he scaled during his most successful decade. Here's a look at the career of one of pop/rock's most fascinating and talented musicians.

Top Prince Songs of the '80s
Here's a countdown of the most essential tunes from the extraordinarily varied '80s catalogue of the true American original who at that time went by the simple but striking name of Prince. Find out why he still stands today as a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist of the highest order.

Prince Top 40 Artist Profile
A look at the career of one of the most successful and versatile artists of the '80s, an accomplished musician who fused funk, pop, R&B and rock into a highly potent hitmaking potion.

Top Covers of Prince Songs
Out of all the artists in popular music, few have been as generous as Prince when it comes to letting other artists cover and remake his songs. Because of this, Prince is one of the most-covered artists in all of music.

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