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Record Labels

Though the commercial side of music can be frustrating for fans and artists alike, there's no denying the power record labels have over what gets heard. The '80s were no exception to this, as several labels rose to prominence in either mainstream or indie circles. Some labels today continue to release music from '80s artists alive and kicking.

Atlantic Records
This powerhouse record company was the home of many major '80s artists, including Foreigner, Genesis and Hall & Oates.

Geffen Records
Geffen Records, formed in 1980, was a seminal label during the decade, helping to launch the careers of '80s mainstays Guns N' Roses and Whitesnake as well as the successful solo careers of Don Henley and Peter Gabriel.

Island/Mercury Records
Some of this label's high-profile '80s bands included U2 and Bon Jovi.

Warner Bros. Records
This powerhouse label released albums by such '80s artists as Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac, B-52s and Depeche Mode.

A&M Records
This label, now a part of Interscope, housed a bundle of major '80s artists, including Bryan Adams, the Go-Go's, Crowded House and Squeeze.

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