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To help you add to your '80s music collection, stop by here for reviews and top picks of the best the decade had to offer. Descriptions and analysis of the best and most important albums and songs of the period help separate the wheat from the chaff.

Guns N' Roses-Appetite for Destruction Review
This album is an important one on multiple levels, but its greatest strength is its sheer versatility and breadth as a document of hard rock across the decades. The skillful melding of punk, heavy metal, classic rock and blues turned the L.A. rockers into immediate superstars.

Every Breath You Take: The Classics Review
As the lesser of two evils, this supposedly comprehensive Police compilation trumps its very similar predecessor, but it certainly does not succeed as a thorough summary of this influential band's career. Because of a couple of wasted tracks and a few unforgivable omissions, this album is not recommended for listeners looking to collect all the essential Police tracks in one place.

"Born in the USA" Album Review
This longtime legend's 1984 landmark offering is a record of the ages that transcends time and genre with its consistent excellence.

Journey "Greatest Hits" Album Review
A look at the 1988 compilation that still stands as the quintessential general interest document for the arena rockers' musical legacy.

Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits Album Review
While far from a perfect collection of the seminal British hard rock band's best material, this compilation accomplishes something any one of the band's prime '80s albums cannot. It assembles a high-quality, balanced blend of Def Leppard's finest power ballads and rockers on one CD, give or take a few.

"The Cars" Album Review
Playing like a primo greatest hits album, the Cars' debut is a stunning collection of top-flight pop songs, supported tightly and convincingly by a group of highly skilled and individually vital musicians.

The Wedding Singer Original Soundtrack, Volume I & II
As a summation of the music featured in the 1998 music-themed film, this two-volume soundtrack works very well. As a versatile, comprehensive compilation of the varied tapestry that was '80s music, it’s even better.

The Kings-The Kings Are Here and More
This, the quintessential release from Ontario's power pop/new wave/rock and roll party band, collects the group's 1980 debut and adds five tracks that explore the boundaries of its signature sound. It's some of the best, most unique and most accessible music you've probably never heard.

The Best of Rick Springfield Album Review
While this collection may not qualify as quintessential, it certainly does a good job of featuring this artist's best work and demonstrating why Springfield is worth remembering. As a songwriter, the former soap star and heartthrob has far more to offer than most gave him credit for at the time.

Rick Springfield CD Review - 'Venus in Overdrive'
Here's a look at '80s mainstream rocker Rick Springfield's latest album of original music, a spirited summer 2008 release that blends old and new with aplomb.

Poison Concert Review - Live in Detroit
One of the most prominent hair metal acts of the '80s, Poison continues to tour quite consistently, making another trip around the States during the summer of 2008. Here's a look at the group's lively stage show.

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