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80s Music: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
10 Most Awesome Women Rockers of the '80s
Female pop stars of the era generally got most of the press and media attention, but here's a list of the most influential women of '80s rock.
These 10 Hit Songs Defined the '80s
To be among the greatest singles of the '80s, a song must become impossible to ignore in the context of the era's music. These songs fit that bill.
7 Best Pat Benatar Songs from the '80s
From her early years as a full-tilt rocker to her quick evolution into a pop/rock singer with wide appeal, Pat Benatar always remained an important and skilled representative of '80s music at its finest. Here's a look at a collection of her most signature tracks of the period.
Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs of the '80s
Michael Jackson is probably best examined as a singles artist, so here's a chronological look at the very best Michael Jackson songs of the '80s.
Tasteful vs. Cheesy - Best '80s Songs Featuring...
The tenor saxophone has long been a major component of pop and rock music, but during the '80s it generally took on negative overtones. Here are some exceptions to that so-called rule.
'80s-Era Holiday Pop Songs Inspire Plenty of...
Any list of songs, best or worst and in between, contains the potential of inspiring polar emotional responses, but perhaps on no topic is this more true than Christmas music. Here's a look at my picks for the most memorable pop/rock holiday tunes of the '80s.
Meet the 10 Most Worthy but Unsung Old-School...
'80s R&B held plenty of variety and quality beyond the decade's biggest stars. Here's a look at finest unsung R&B artists of the '80s.
The 10 Best Punk Rock and Hardcore Bands of the...
The early '80s may have been best known for new wave, but fiercely independent punk rock and hardcore bands like these continued to make vitally significant music throughout the decade.
Top '80s Songs of The Cure
With one of the most varied and challenging catalogues in all of '80s music, The Cure offers many candidates for a celebration of its finest songs. Here's a look at some of the band's best work produced during a prolific decade.
The Absolute Best '80s Songs
An effort to count down the best and most memorable songs of the '80s can certainly begin with a short list of tunes covering the entire decade, but in order even to approach doing this chore justice it's necessary - at the very least - to break down the decade's songs by year. Here's an attempt to suss out the best the '80s had to offer musically, but of course it's just a start.
Kenny Loggins' 10 Best '80s Songs
As one of the strongest pure pop/rock performers of the '80s - dependent equally on accessible songwriting, a propensity toward love ballads, and powerful injections of rock guitar - music veteran Kenny Loggins found a niche in soft rock and uplifting film soundtracks for his work. Here's a look at not only his most popular hits as a solo artist but his finest compositions and performances of the period.
Top 10 '80s Songs About Work
Songs about work have always been a staple of popular music, but modern music has placed a special spin on the topic. The '80s in particular were blessed with plenty of fodder for meditations on the changing landscape of the workplace, from gender roles to the erosion of America's industrial base. Here's a look at some of the decade's most memorable musical meditations on this subject, ranging from dark and edgy to slight and simplistic.
The 10 Best '80s Musical Artists from Australia...
Although largely Anglicized and therefore not obviously distinct from rock and pop musicians of the U.S. and U.K., artists from Australia and New Zealand spun an intriguing web of musical offerings during the '80s. The two Down Under island nations contributed a wide array of styles and demonstrated unique tinges of eclecticism, all of which rounded out the decade and filled it with richness and character.
'80s Music Featured a Strong Selection of...
One of pop music's best opportunities to explore its theatrical side reveals itself quite often in duets featuring aptly paired male and female performers. Here's a look, in no particular order, at some of the finest such duets of the '80s.
Top 10 Soft Rock Songs of the '80s
People tend to think of the '70s first when they consider the genre of soft rock music, but a great deal of the finest examples of this ballad-heavy form actually saw the light of day during the first half of the '80s. This was a special time when smooth adult contemporary pop record buyers actually wanted to hear rock bands play love songs, before arena rock and hair metal became the primary dominion for the lighter side of rock.
10 Signature Keyboard Riffs of the '80s
Prior to the '80s, the word "riff" was most often applied to the electric guitar and bands such as Led
The 10 Best Songs Bon Jovi Released During the...
As arguably pop metal's finest and most accessible band of the '80s, Bon Jovi churned out a number of arena rock classics, combining a straightforward, almost heartland rock sound with a glossy image to rule the latter half of the decade. Some were hits without being great songs, but this New Jersey band's best work stands confidently with the best mainstream rock the '80s had to offer.
Best George Michael Songs of the '80s Both Solo...
George Michael's best compositions qualify as pop classics in any era, but here's a look at this artist's proudest '80s moments, all well worth remembering.
Get Into the Groove with the 10 Best Madonna...
Few would argue that the '80s represented Madonna's peak of influence, but choosing the artist's top songs from that era is a challenging enterprise indeed.
'80s Music Genres - A Capsule View
Here's a capsule view of some of the most important and prominent genres of '80s music, an era full of surprises, twists and turns.
England's Best Musical Artists of the '80s Make...
Culling the best English artists from any era of pop music quickly becomes an overwhelming task. As for the '80s specifically, England remained just as fertile as ever in producing popular, interesting and innovative musicians, especially in the burgeoning genre of alternative music.
Prince's 10 Best Songs of the '80s
Here's a look at the most essential songs from the extraordinarily varied '80s catalogue of fiercely original, iconic American singer-songwriter Prince.
Top Heart Songs of the '80s
'70s hard rock outfit Heart didn't release its best, most memorable music of the '80s until it had entirely transformed into a mainstream pop/rock band. And although that transition had its drawbacks, much of this music was among the best of its kind.
The 10 Best Hard Rock Songs of the '80s
Hard rock during the '80s was a lucrative style of music that brimmed with multitudes of bands representing various genres. Therefore, separating out the best songs from such a large pool of possibility is quite the challenging enterprise. Here's a look at 10 tracks that stand out as would-be, should-be or set-in-stone classics from this fruitful era of hard rock.
You Know You Love 'Em: The 10 Best Hall &...
Owing to a string of classic hit songs throughout the decade, few acts are more strongly linked to '80s music than the long-running duo Hall & Oates.
Top 8 Artists Of The '80s - The Essential Eight
From indie rock to pop and dance music, here are the eight essential artists that defined the eighties’ music scene.
The 10 Best European Artists of the '80s
Artists from continental Europe made a definite impact on '80s music in Britain and America, and although they were generally able only to do so when they sang in English, sprinklings of European culture found their way into heavy metal and synth pop alike.
Top 10 Queen Songs of the '80s
Operatic '70s hard rock superstars Queen ultimately generated nearly as much success during the band's '80s run as it did in its earliest phase, and that's no accident. The venerable British quartet released five full length albums during the latter decade, featuring eclectic music that spanned genres as disparate as funky dance-pop, roots rock, and, of course, arena rock power ballads. Here's a chronological look at Queen's finest tracks of the '80s, with emphasis on the band's amazing depth.
7 Top Lionel Richie Songs of the '80s
For better or worse, few things scream '80s quite like the songs of Lionel Richie. Even for listeners who fancied themselves sophisticated music fans, Richie's biggest hits formed a semi-permanent soundtrack inside their brains. Here's a look at a few of the smooth singer's best, the ones you might not have to be ashamed of enjoying.
REO Speedwagon's 10 Best Songs of the '80s
1970s hard rock band REO Speedwagon transformed into a commercially successful mainstream rock band in the 1980s. Her's my top 7 list from that decade.
'80s Music Icon Boy George Led English Band...
As one of the most recognizable if short-lived superstar acts of the early '80s, Culture Club released some remarkably consistent soul-inflected pop that has stood the test of time. Led outlandishly by the stylishly androgynous Boy George, the band released two classic albums and racked up a number of deserving hit singles worldwide.
The 10 Best Country Artists of the '80s
We all know that country music has long been big business, sometimes at the expense of the music itself. The '80s certainly added to this unfortunate trend to a greater or lesser extent, as urban cowboy and countrypolitan crossover pop often ruled the day. That said, '80s country also harbored more than a few talented, visionary artists who made their greatest contributions during the decade. Here's a look at some of the most memorable of these, tied inextricably to the '80s.
Top 8 Phil Collins Songs of the '80s
Pop-oriented Genesis frontman Phil Collins hasn't always received a lot of respect as a rock artist, but his solo work during the '80s provides no shortage of evidence that he released plenty of high-quality music as he made the transition from rock to full-fledged pop throughout the decade. Here are some of his finest tunes from that era, all solid compositions and performances with considerable merit.
Top 10 X Songs
Here's a look at some of the finest rock music of the '80s, and probably also some of the best of the last half-century of rock and roll. Emerging as a seminal L.A. punk band, X used eclectic influences and accomplished musicianship to help create the earliest form of alternative rock and guide it into its '90s explosion of popularity.
The 10 Best Hair Metal Ballads of the '80s
The massive popularity of hard rock, arena rock and heavy metal during the '80s culminated in a form that came to symbolize the decade's decadence and glitz. Alternately called hair metal, pop metal or glam metal, this subgenre specialized in lighter-worthy power ballads about the travails of heartache or at least matters of the flesh. Here's a look at 10 of the best '80s songs of this type, and the abundance of tunes to choose from makes for some tough choices.
Too Many Memorable '80s Hard Rock Frontmen to...
There is certainly no shortage of hard rock frontmen from the '80s that were significant, memorable and highly visible during the era. The most prominent of these tended to operate out of the pop metal subgenre, but other styles also have plenty of representatives. Here's a look at some of the most popular, flamboyant and even sometimes talented lead singers of '80s hard rock. Just for fun, let's start with the blond ones, both natural and peroxide-assisted. It is called hair metal, after all.
Soft Rock Ballads Define Chicago's Best Songs...
Here's a look at the cream of the crop from the band Chicago's distinctive if somewhat disappointing '80s phase, a list of songs far shorter than the Billboard charts back then might suggest.
Australian Actor/Musician Rick Springfield...
Though often unfairly labeled as a teeny bopper's fantasy lacking in artistic substance, Rick Springfield was actually one of the finest '80s practitioners of mainstream rock.
British Arena Rock Supergroup Asia Crafted Some...
Mainstream rock supergroup Asia enjoyed huge and immediate success upon the release of its debut album in 1982. That success did not last long, but Asia produced several hit singles that appealed to fans of arena rock and pop music fans alike.
Top 10 Songs of 1980
Here's a look at some of the best and most memorable songs from 1980, and not necessarily just the biggest hits. Many songs hit No. 1 or even the Top Ten during this year, but not that many of them truly epitomize the exciting transitional period between the '70s and '80s.
7 Best '80s Songs From the Band '.38 Special'
At its best, .38 Special was one of those bands that comfortably occupied the middle of the road - musically speaking - with great comfort, while at the same time presenting undeniably exhilarating music. That's an exceedingly rare combination, as generally musical artists who work in a safe zone quickly begin to sound bland and forgettable. But there's something about .38 Special's winning pop/rock formula that transcends its simplicity and somewhat derivative nature.
'80s Rock Frontwoman Chrissie Hynde Wrote Great...
Although always a vehicle for charismatic frontwoman Chrissie Hynde's songwriting, The Pretenders initially emerged as a highly eclectic, talented quartet of musicians capable of producing various rock and pop styles. The best of the band's '80s tunes employ a fierce, ragged rock and roll approach.
Don't Stop Believin' in the Power of Journey's...
Even when topping the charts as one of pop/rock's most successful bands of the early '80s, Journey never received much respect for its hard rock and arena rock achievements. Disdain still follows the group today in some circles, but music fans appreciative of guitar-infused melodic hard rock and soaring power ballads don't question the high quality of Journey's most memorable songs. Here's a chronological look at the best Journey songs of the '80s.
Piano Man Billy Joel Explored Many Genres...
Here's a look at the singer-songwriter and pop superstar Billy Joel's best tunes from the eighties, a decade of great variety for him as an artist.
Top 10 Obscure & Underground Artists of the...
As in perhaps every art form, there is always a teeming subculture just beneath the mainstream, usually populated by unruly mavericks unconcerned about the typical trappings of success. This was most certainly the case with underground music of the '80s, a sweeping, varied category that stretched across punk, pop and early hip-hop styles and everywhere in between. Here's a look at 10 of the most notable of these artists, though it's inevitably merely a scrape from a colorful surface.
Top 10 Songs of 1985
Aside from being right in the middle of the '80s chronologically, 1985 was undoubtedly a central year of the decade's musical offerings. Many of the most popular and highest-quality tunes this year stood as big, sweeping statements of both style and substance. More than anything else, the top songs of 1985 continue to generate large waves of nostalgia and good memories whenever they're heard still today.
Top 5 ABC Songs of the '80s
Though active throughout the '80s as a musical entity, Britain's ABC presented most of its lasting work on its wonderful 1982 debut, 'The Lexicon of Love.' A brilliant combination of elegant synth pop, R&B and funk allowed the band to distinguish itself from more morose contemporaries, and the precise songwriting and arrangements of leader Martin Fry were responsible for some memorable '80s music moments.
Top 8 Dan Fogelberg Songs of the '80s
It may be customary to exaggerate the achievements of musicians after they die young, but the fact remains that singer-songwriter Dan Fogelberg will probably always remain a bit underrated. Even so, he was a major pop star through the '70s and '80s, presenting some of the latter decade's most melodic music that did not have any use for trends. Here's a look at some of the singer's finest as well as most popular songs, musical gifts that keep on giving.
You'll Have Nothin' but a Good Time Revisiting...
One of hair metal's most popular and simultaneously most vilified bands of the '80s, Poison made some of the era's most defining music. Here's a chronological look at the band's best songs - culled from two commercially successful late-'80s album releases.
Our 10 Favorite U2 Songs of the '80s
U2 evolved from a jangly post-punk guitar outfit to expansive arena rock demigods before finishing out the '80s delving into roots rock. Along the way, the band produced some of the highest-quality, most intriguing music of the rock era, not to mention the decade. Here's a look at 10 of the best '80s songs from one of rock's greatest bands.
Here They Are, The Songs That You Love - Air...
Australian duo Air Supply dominated the pop music charts during the first half of the '80s, even if rock music purists cringed at mere realization of the group's existence.
Our 10 Favorite Van Halen Songs From the '80s
Los Angeles hard rock legends Van Halen made a sparkling late-'70s debut but did not become full-tilt superstars until the '80s, just in time for personnel changes that would have sunk most other bands. But the flashy mainstream rock sound of Van Halen not only survived the frontman shift from David Lee Roth to Sammy Hagar but thrived during the MTV era. Here's a look at the best songs from two distinct eras of one of America's most beloved rock bands.
The Top 9 Genesis Songs of the '80s
Few bands have displayed a capacity for reinvention as dramatic or successful as Genesis, a band that embraced weirdness under the direction of Peter Gabriel but pure pop melodicism when drummer Phil Collins took the helm. Here's a look at some of that band's finest tunes in the latter category, pop confections that house far more musical substance than they're ever given credit for.
Best Songs of '80s Australian New Wave and...
Australian band INXS produced some of the finest mainstream rock songs of the '80s, making a full-fledged superstar out of frontman Michael Hutchence.
Top R.E.M. Songs of the '80s
R.E.M. has always been known as a strong album band and, thanks to their firm entrenchment in the underground during the early '80s, the band never really had much of an outlet for singles. Even so, the increasing exposure of R.E.M. in the late '80s ultimately made their music quite popular and even ubiquitous. This all makes selecting the band's top 10 songs of the '80s an even more complex and rewarding process. Makes it hard to
The Big Hooks of Arena Rock Helped Define '80s...
Without arena rock, '80s music would have been a far different creature, and despite common attitudes to the contrary, probably not for the better. Despite its commercial nature, the '80s blend of progressive rock, radio-friendly pop/rock with huge hooks, and hard rock became a deserved staple of the decade's musical menu.
Time After Time, Cyndia Lauper Delivered '80s...
Cyndi Lauper became an unforgettable '80s icon through her unique blend of punk/new wave style, a distinctively free-spirited persona and - of course - the quality of her songs.
Top Stevie Nicks Solo Songs of the '80s
One of the most iconic and beloved pop music figures of both the '70s and '80s, Stevie Nicks became a full-fledged superstar during the latter decade.
Top 6 Men at Work Songs of the '80s
Despite an unfortunately brief three-year run on the pop music landscape, the Australian former bar band Men at Work made an indelible mark on '80s music. And unlike many of its contemporaries, the group did so by focusing squarely on making great, eclectic rock music like these fine tunes.
Top 6 Go-Go's Songs of the '80s
The Go-Go's made quite a splash as one of rock's first entirely self-reliant, highly successful all-female rock bands. In the process, the band released an impressive variety of quality music over three studio albums. Here's a look at the group's best.
Top 10 Least Worthy No. 1 Hits of the '80s
Here's a look at some of the lamest No. 1 pop tunes of the '80s, the ones I believe are particularly unworthy of such a distinction. There have always been questionable pop hits, but the '80s had an abundance from which a master list is difficult to distill. Nonetheless, it's always worth trying.
Top Whitney Houston Songs of the '80s
Although Whitney Houston burst onto the scene when the '80s were already half over and released only two albums within the decade, she was an '80s icon through and through. Still, her small output and singles-heavy albums require a greater selectivity when it comes to compiling her best work into a list format. After all, as big a superstar as she was, Houston charted only about a dozen songs within the decade. Check out my list of the top five Whitney Houston singles of the '80s.
Reflections from the Eye of the Tiger - Top...
The American melodic power rock band Survivor was always more of a singles act than a producer of consistent albums, but the group's best songs truly capture a moment in time during the early '80s.
Best '80s Songs from England's Fab Five - Duran...
When asked to name important artists of the '80s, very few music fans of that era would leave Duran Duran off their short lists. Here are eight reasons why the band has become so inextricably tied to the glamorous, shimmering decade it matched so perfectly.
Top '80s Rod Stewart Songs
For every '80s listener that enjoyed the increasing influence of disco and dance music on Rod Stewart's sound, there have always been several more long-time fans deflated by his departures from rock and folk leanings. That's probably one reason why this list of '80s songs is shorter than one might expect given Stewart's considerable chart action during the period. Still, Stewart has always been at his best when exploring his own substantial eclecticism, as these tunes demonstrate.
Top 7 Human League Songs of the '80s
1. "The Path of Least Resistance" David Ramos/Getty Images Of the tracks on the band's late-1979 debut
The Best '80s Love Songs about Heartache and...
The '80s were heavily populated with over-the-top love songs, so a list of the most notable ones holds that much more significance for the selectivity involved. These songs allow the listener to wallow so completely in self-involved sorrow that the world outside ceases to exist. They're not necessarily the best love songs '80s pop music had to offer, but they certainly rank well among the decade's most overwrought musical explorations of heartache.
Top 10 '80s Solo Artists/Careers
Though the concept of going solo was not an invention of the '80s, artists during that decade seemed to perfect the art of shedding past band memberships for the bliss of an independent path. Some artists had better luck making the transition than others; here's a look at the ones who definitely made the right decision.
Top 7 Stevie Wonder Songs of the '80s
Here's a look at consummate R&B/pop artist Stevie Wonder's finest songs from the '80s, an era that saw him embrace synthesizers and drum machines but never obscured the organic brilliance of his best work.
Top '80s Songs of The Police
The Police were unique among its '80s compatriots as a band that produced remarkably consistent albums, so coming up with a short list of the group's top 10 songs of the decade is a challenging enterprise indeed. Nonetheless, this chronological selection of Police classics proves that the effort is a worthy one.
10 Canadian Artists of the '80s We Love
Our neighbor to the north has always produced an impressive array of entertainers, from movies to TV and, of course, music. The '80s were a particularly kind decade to Canadian artists, as the U.S. mainstream rock and pop charts often left plenty of room for them to spread out and get comfortable.
Top 10 New Wave Artists of the '80s
When people consider the variety of music genres that peaked during the '80s, new wave often comes up as one of the first topics of discussion. Once a term used somewhat interchangeably with punk rock, new wave eventually expanded to include almost any quirky yet still mainstream pop/rock form of the first half of the decade.
Top 8 Cars Songs of the '80s
Removing the Cars' excellent first two albums from consideration would seem like a pretty devastating handicap, but the band's consistency during its career of just under a decade ensures plenty of great '80s tunes to choose from for a best-of list.
Classic Journey Lead Singer Steve Perry Had an...
Journey frontman Steve Perry had already become a major arena rock figure by the early '80s, and his 1984 solo debut confirmed a massive '80s relevance.
The Bangles Started as True Rock Band but Went...
Here's an overview of some of The Bangles' finest song performances, if not its biggest hits, all songs that emphasize the group's strengths and self-produced synergy.
The Best Arena Rock Artists of the '80s Enjoyed...
Based on bright, memorable melodies as well as minimal menace, arena rock has never been accused of being edgy or critically beloved. Where it has found great success, however, is in selling lots and lots of records. Here's a list of the genre's most essential artists.
Top 10 Songs of 1984
At least musically, 1984 was far from an Orwellian year of doom. Instead, it was the year major stars came out to shine, just in time to join the video revolution. At the same time, new wave and synth pop styles continued to evolve even as new paths began to emerge.
Top Foreigner/Lou Gramm Songs of the '80s
Foreigner earned its place during the late '70s as a major stadium rock draw but also endured the label of a hopelessly bland, faceless rock band. Nonetheless, the group found an even greater level of success when it transformed during the early '80s into a power ballad specialist more likely to feature layers of keyboards than leader Mick Jones' prominent guitars. Here's a chronological look at some choice cuts from Foreigner's '80s run.
Top Sheena Easton Songs of the '80s
Here's a look at some of the finest singles from Scottish singer Sheena Easton during her consistent '80s run.
Top 10 Most Tragic Music Deaths of the '80s
The '80s witnessed a number of tragic deaths involving both contemporary artists and musicians who had become legendary during previous decades. Though it's impossible to do justice to the many left off of this list that deserve commemoration, here's a sampling of some of the decade's most heartrending premature deaths of pop music artists.
Top 9 Violent Femmes Songs of the '80s
Exploring the back catalogue of a band like the Violent Femmes, one of rock music's all-time cult favorites, is a rewarding enterprise just on its own merit. But when placed against the backdrop of the '80s music landscape, it's a particularly eye-opening experience. The Violent Femmes' top songs reflect an always palpable distress about being human and also a restless musical desire for trailblazing and ignoring generic boundaries.
Steve Winwood Solo Artist Profile
In addition to his many years as a classic rock stalwart and innovator as frontman and key creative cog in the Spencer Davis Group, Traffic and supergroup Blind Faith, Steve Winwood has enjoyed a lengthy and successful career as an exploratory pop solo artist. His biggest solo hits came during the '80s, when his keyboard-based compositions and world music curiosity helped propel several LPs and singles into the public music consciousness.
Powerhouse '80s Female Rock Singer Pat Benatar...
Pat Benatar became one of the most identifiable icons of the '80s, but she also contributed some of the most memorable pop/rock music of the decade. Over the course of the early '80s, she shone as one of pop music's most consistent artists, and in subsequent years Benatar's reputation has only risen and broadened.
Legendary Singer-Songwriter Elton John Had Some...
Despite some personal and professional struggles during the latter part of the decade, Elton John managed to emerge during the '80s as a still viable artist, even if his songs typically lacked a genuine rock edge.
Top Cinderella Songs of the '80s
Here's a chronological look at the best Cinderella songs from the band's peak period during the second half of the '80s.
The Top 10 Songs from '80s Films
One way to experience '80s music on an entirely different level was through the visual medium of film, and often a tie-in to a hit film could give a single a boost like no other. While some '80s films were focused on retro music, especially if they were period pieces, the most indelible soundtrack offerings celebrated the '80s right along with the movies they accompanied.
New Wave - Profile of the First Original Genre...
No matter how hard we try, decades don't have clean cut-off points between them that usher certain styles into one era or the other. Therefore, much of the music made in the '70s, '60s and even the '50s found itself still kicking in some form or another as the '80s began. Nonetheless, new wave's blend of punk, power pop, mainstream rock, roots rock and disco constituted the first fresh genre to emerge in the Reagan Era. Skinny ties and all, this form announced the beginning of something new.
Our 10 Favorite Songs of 1981
By 1981, remnants of the '70s began to fall away from the new decade's musical offerings, especially with the advent of MTV late in the year.
Top Spandau Ballet Songs of the '80s
As one of the most stylish and sophisticated synth pop bands emerging from England's early-'80s New Romantic
Artists with the Most Hot 100 Pop Hits During...
Some of the names on this list will be entirely unsurprising, linked as they are with some of the most ubiquitous hit songs of '80s pop. Others, however, may come as at least a mild shock given their association with other eras or genres that seem completely unrelated. But ultimately the artists that displayed the most consistent hitmaking prowess over the course of the '80s have accomplished something special indeed.
Top 10 Ozzy Osbourne Songs of the '80s
The '80s rebirth of Ozzy Osbourne after his 1979 firing from heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath was the first of several occasions in which the singer endured and overcame hardships to continue his success. Beginning the decade with a couple of groundbreaking albums featuring guitar virtuoso Randy Rhoads, Osbourne weathered the loss of his friend and collaborator to become one of the biggest hard rock stars of the decade. These songs provide a strong overview of what made Osbourne so successful.
Def Leppard's Best Songs of the '80s Have...
This quintet from Sheffield, England took early glam rock and British heavy metal leanings and transformed them into a hitmaking juggernaut in the '80s. And the result of that metamorphosis was, naturally, a bevy of good songs, high on hooks but still possessing a genuine hard rock drive. Here's a look at Def Leppard's best musical offerings of the decade that seamlessly conveyed its mostly organic, nearly always winning formula.
Top Alabama Songs of the '80s
One of commercial country music's few hugely successful bands of the past three decades, Alabama maintained stable membership as a quartet and perfected an easy-going sound during the '80s that appealed almost equally to fans of country, soft rock, pop and adult contemporary styles. The band enjoyed a handful of Top 40 pop hits during the early '80s and amassed an impressive string of 22 consecutive No. 1 country hits and a total of 27 throughout the decade. Here's a look at the best of these country pop smashes.
Toto Never Generated Critical Acclaim, Just...
Never one of rock music's most critically acclaimed bands, Toto nonetheless recorded several classic pop/rock tunes during its heyday from the very late '70s through the mid '80s.
Best Bryan Adams Songs of the '80s Epitomize...
Canadian mainstream rocker Bryan Adams' chart success during the '80s was impressive, but his music during that period was also much more interesting than his similarly popular '90s work.
Billy Idol's Top Solo Songs Leaped Past New...
Billy Idol has remained one of the most recognized '80s icons. This is a list of his best music - punk-inspired melodic hard rock masked as dance pop.
Top 10 KISS Songs of the '80s
Though the original '70s incarnation of the band reached heights almost no group since has even dreamed of equaling, KISS survived surprisingly well into the '80s through membership changes and stylistic uncertainty. Here's a look at my chronological take on the best songs from this legendary band's less-heralded but second most successful decade.
Top 10 Hair Metal/Pop Metal Songs of the '80s
Contrary to popular belief, the prominent '80s genre labeled hair metal, pop metal or glam metal (depending on who is doing the classifying) contained far more than merely power ballads. Mid-tempo rock songs may have been plentiful during the decade, but the strain of music that blended pop so skillfully with at least elements of heavy metal produced the most notable music of its kind. Here's a look at some of the best songs of hair metal and pop metal, if not necessarily the biggest hits.
Classic Rock Veteran Solo Artist David Bowie...
Classic rock legend and reliable stylistic chameleon David Bowie has enjoyed a consistent and exciting career as a solo artist for more than four decades. Here's a look at ten of the best David Bowie solo songs of the '80s.
Berlin Had the Appeal of Frontwoman Terri...
Led by the songwriting of founding member John Crawford and the lead vocals of sexy frontwoman Terri Nunn, American synth pop band Berlin became one of the more engaging acts of the first half of the '80s.
Top 10 Eric Clapton Songs of the '80s
Though valued mainly for his distinctive electric guitar sound as a lead guitarist in several legendary bands as well as his long solo career, British superstar Eric Clapton is also a fine singer-songwriter capable of success in various genres from pure blues to blues rock and classic rock. Here's a chronological look at Clapton's best tunes from his more pop-oriented '80s output, which shine consistently as high-quality mainstream pop/rock.
The Late '80s Held Few Thorns for Hair Metal...
Poison may have represented some of the worst excesses of the '80s, but there's no denying the quintessential L.A.-based pop metal band was one of the era's most important and popular artists. Despite a relatively brief shelf life cut short probably by the early-'90s onset of grunge, the band sold a lot of records and undoubtedly defined '80s hard rock.
Basic Yearly '80s Music Timeline
1980: John Lennon dies after crazed fan Mark David Chapman guns him down outside the ex- Beatle 's apartment
Top Joan Jett Songs of the '80s
Following a notable run as the creative linchpin of the Runaways, pop music's prototypical all-female rock band of the late '70s, Joan Jett embarked on a successful if never fully realized solo career that helped secure her legendary status. Here I stroll down some relatively untraveled paths to deliver for you the best compositions and performances of Jett's most visible era.
Longtime Soul/R&B Singer Tina Turner Built...
Already a soul music legend from her '70s work, versatile powerhouse singer Tina Turner launched a fierce comeback during the '80s that turned her into one of the decade's top-selling female solo artists. Here's a look at her best songs from this period of great popular success.
Celebrate Good Times with the Best Kool and the...
Here's my take on the best tracks from the most commercially successful years of the classic funk/soul band Kool & the Gang.
Top Eurythmics Songs of the '80s
British pop music duo Eurythmics emerged during the early '80s with a unique post-punk aesthetic that meshed immediately with the developing genres of new wave and synth pop. However, the singular, soul-inflected vocals of Annie Lennox combined with Dave Stewart's analytical musical approach helped distinguish the group from a wide array of competitors. Here's a look at the best Eurythmics songs from a voluminous first decade of activity that included six studio albums and 25 singles.
Top Kenny Rogers Solo Songs of the '80s
As the '70s became the '80s, few musical artists existed on the planet who were more widely popular than country music veteran and soft rock specialist Kenny Rogers. Although his biggest hits had generally already emerged by the turn of the decade, Rogers remained a huge crossover pop artist for the first half of the '80s before receding slightly into the realm of a hitmaker only on the country music charts. Here's a look at Rogers' finest solo songs from his second decade of chart dominance.
Fleetwood Mac Survived Members' Solo Careers to...
Though known mostly for its peak late '70s period of stardom, romantic drama between bandmates and its members' various solo endeavors, legendary rock band Fleetwood Mac also made several major contributions to the '80s music landscape.
Top 10 Tom Petty Songs of the '80s
After nearly 35 years in the music business, singer-songwriter Tom Petty continues to thrive as a solo artist and as the leader of one of rock's greatest bands, the Heartbreakers. Not many musicians could even dream of making this claim, and even fewer still have produced as much quality music on a consistent basis. Petty's work in the '80s alone would have comprised a legendary career and casts him as one of that decade's most significant artists.
Profile of Original Punker Turned Mainstream...
One of the most recognizable icons of '80s pop culture, former punk rocker Billy Idol made quite a mark on the decade's music. Along the way, he proved that adjustments to promote commercial success don't always prevent an artist from following his own rebellious path.
Best Dokken Songs Prove L.A. Outfit Was One of...
Despite the prevailing attitude about much '80s hard rock, I truly believe that the four-studio-album catalogue of L.A. hard rock mainstays Dokken is substantially deep in quality. And though I've thankfully outgrown most of my less worthy '80s metal favorites by now, I still think this band made too much great melodic and crunching rock and roll to be tossed dismissively among other '80s musical relics. Here are some reasons why.
Finest Loverboy Songs of the '80s Have Become...
Canadian arena rock band Loverboy produced some of the most memorable mainstream rock songs of the '80s. Along the way, the group blended elements of hard rock and new wave in novel ways, always emphasizing a passionate marriage of synthesizers and guitars.
Top 10 Songs of 1986
Here's a look at 10 of the most memorable pop tunes from 1986, a diverse bunch of songs made up of familiar classics and tracks that were emblematic of the year.
Profile of the Power Ballad, an Essential '80s...
One of the most recognizable song forms of the '80s, the bombastic power ballad has built a powerful legacy over the years. Though far less common in pop/rock circles following its peak in the late '80s, the form has never quite faded away, remaining a significant hybrid form combining hard rock, soft rock and various aspects of commercial pop music.
Supergroups of the '80s Both Varied and High in...
Although the golden age of the supergroup most definitely lasted about a decade from the late '60s into the mid '70s, this special rock and roll concept had its moments as well during the '80s. Perhaps that's unsurprising given the decade's unique vision of all things over the top and self-indulgent. Here's a look at a few of the most prominent, important and memorable supergroups from the '80s.
Top Gloria Estefan Songs of the '80s
Cuban-American pop singer Gloria Estefan began her singing career during the late '70s with Miami Sound Machine, an ensemble that was limited in its initial success to Spanish-language markets. However, during the mid-'80s the group enjoyed a stream of mainstream hits showcasing Estefan's lead vocals and her substantial charms as frontwoman. Also the composer of several of her group's hit ballads, Estefan has easily become the most successful Latin music crossover artist of all time. Here's a look at her top '80s songs.
Throughout the '80s, Many Music Fans Needed and...
MTV, one of the most singular, well-known phenomena of the '80s, served as a backdrop and venue for much of the pop music of the decade.
Top 10 Scorpions Songs of the '80s
Germany's Scorpions are one of the longest-lived and consistently productive hard rock bands on the planet, having forged well beyond a 40-year career as major representatives of that genre. The group traversed most of the '70s in understated but workmanlike fashion, emerging ultimately in the '80s as pop/rock superstars as well as fine purveyors of heavy metal. Here's a look at the group's finest songs of that decade, a list rich in well-known tracks as well as underrated album cuts.
Top 10 Soft Rock/Adult Contemporary Artists of...
The soft rock and adult contemporary genres had plenty of room to accommodate '80s stars, many of whom saw an opportunity to maximize commercial appeal by trying many different styles. Here's a look at some of the decade's artists most able to string together hits that ranged from guitar rock all the way to orchestrated ballads. Most sustained long careers that previously found success in far different genres, but they found the bridge between soft rock and adult contemporary quite comfortable.
Top '80s Solo Songs by Members of The Eagles
Following the break-up of The Eagles, one of '70s rock's most popular and critically revered bands, the group's members had talent to burn outside the confines of a band structure. All in all, six of the band's total of seven members released at least two records during the '80s as solo artists. While only a small proportion of these artists enjoyed major pop hits for their efforts, all produced a considerable array of mainstream pop/rock. Here's a chronological look at the best songs culled from several ex-Eagle solo careers.
Top 10 Songs of 1983
1983 may have been the year of Michael Jackson, but it was also a year that embraced an array of pop music perhaps like never before.
The Best Familiar Songs from Bruce Springsteen'...
Bruce Springsteen was an important and consistent hitmaker of the '80s, especially upon the release of his intensely popular classic album from 1984, 'Born in the USA.' Here's a look at the singer-songwriter's best tunes that made a mark on the '80s pop charts.
Top 8 Worst Band Names of the '80s
Everybody knows '80s music had its share of embarrassing hairstyles, fashion disasters and generally cheesy behavior. However, the decade also put its distinctive stamp on the long-running annals of band names, introducing more than a few puzzling, silly and clunky ones. Here's a look at the bottom of the barrel.
Best '80s Songs by American Pop Metal Band...
As one of pop metal's most successful acts of the '80s, Motley Crue thrived during the MTV generation as a photogenic glam metal quartet. But the band also demonstrated an impressive consistency and genuine independence in musical direction.
Top 8 Bruce Cockburn Songs of the '80s
Typically for song lists like these, I like to spotlight some of the lesser-known tunes from well-known artists not lacking in general airplay. In this case, I'm focusing on an artist whose most familiar compositions remain sadly unheard, especially in America. For that reason I'm selecting Bruce Cockburn's most prominent '80s songs for display, in hopes that some of this rewarding artist's obscurity begins to melt away someday just like, perhaps, the injustices he often sings about.
'80s Music Reached Back to Folk Roots Through...
Before the modest late-'80s revival of folk-influenced singer-songwriters became a factor on the pop music landscape, that introspective, personal and relatively quiet style had been a bit dormant.
Top Jefferson Starship & Starship Songs of...
The work of mellow '70s rock band Jefferson Starship transformed into guitar-heavy arena rock before giving way to a lite rock approach as just Starship.
Top Jackson Browne Songs of the '80s
Veteran singer-songwriter Jackson Browne continued his deliberate, thoughtful solo career during the '80s, mixing literate, romantic subject matter with an increasing social conscience.
Top Squeeze Songs of the '80s
U.K. new wave guitar pop band Squeeze suffered for most of its career from constant personnel changes, but the stalwart songwriting partnership of Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook produced some of the most literate, melodically memorable songs of the '80s. The group released five albums during its peak era of 1978-1982 before emerging for three more records during the decade's second half. Along the way, Squeeze scored a handful of major U.K. hits but - more importantly - generated consistently thoughtful and literate pop music for the ages.
Our Favorite 80s One-Hit Wonders
Here's a list of one-hit wonders from the '80s. These artists had only one song reach the top of Billboard's Hot 100 charts. Do you remember them?
Best '80s Songs from Australian Hard Rock Band...
As the result of tragedy, hard rock band AC/DC moved into an entirely new phase for the '80s that ultimately became its most popular period of all.
Profile of Female Rock Icon & '80s Solo...
Already a partial legend by the end of the '70s as a member of the seminal all-female rock band the Runaways, Joan Jett quickly established a successful '80s solo career that made her an icon. As a fiercely independent songwriter, producer and performer, Jett blazed a trail for women in rock and roll that's still revealing itself today, more than 35 years after she first burst on the scene.
This Must Be the Place for the Best Talking...
Here's a look at my painstakingly and painfully derived list of the finest '80s Talking Heads songs. After all, in terms of lively eclecticism and independent pop music spirit, perhaps no other American band active during the '80s comes close to matching New York's original punk/new wave pioneers.
'80s Bands Were Colorful in Many Ways,...
Here's a look at a number of '80s bands that offered vibrant touches through their music as well as the splashes of color in their names.
Top Michael Jackson Songs of the '80s, Part 2
Fan respect and appreciation for Michael Jackson's greatest legacy - his music - has convinced me that admirers aren't clinging to the ongoing story of his recent tragic death at all, choosing instead to embrace the life that produced such timeless American music. So I'm signing on for an extra top songs list in honor of an exceptional artist: here's a chronological look at more standouts from Jackson's '80s catalog.
Top 8 Joe Jackson Songs of the '80s
Although singer-songwriter and initial new wave marvel Joe Jackson quickly became a journeyman stylistically, ranging from pop to jazz to classical explorations, the first decade or so of his career displays a sort of cohesion in terms of musical quality and consistent output. Here's a look at the finest songs from Jackson's most commercially and critically successful period, spent completely within the pop music universe.
Top '80s Songs of Huey Lewis and the News
As one of the most quintessential bands of the '80s, Huey Lewis & the News actually carved out a rather independent if middle-of-the-road path to pop stardom. After all, while other artists responded to changing trends and adapted to emerging genres, the Bay Area band continued to play its accessible brand of bar band heartland rock throughout the decade. And record buyers kept snapping up tunes like these with a similar level of consistency.
'80s Instrument Spotlight - the Saxophone
Among the instruments linked inextricably to '80s music, the saxophone stands out on any short list, though sometimes in dubious ways. Even so, its significance throughout the breadth of pop music history is undeniable and impressive. Here's a closer look at this unique instrument.
Top 10 Irish, Scottish & Welsh Artists of...
When it comes to pop music and the British Isles, the English have always enjoyed a dense concentration of talent and therefore the lion's share of attention. But during the '80s as well as before and after, many Irish, Scottish and Welsh artists made their names with memorable and important musical contributions of their own. Here's a look at the cream of this crop, the top 10 non-English British Isles artists of the '80s.
Top Yes Songs of the '80s
By the advent of the '80s, British progressive rock band Yes had already established itself as a classic rock fixture. In the band's second decade, the group entered a very different phase in terms of not only personnel but also musical direction, focusing on an artful blend of progressive musicality and AOR/arena rock melodic heft.
Best '80s Songs from (John) Cougar to Mellencamp
Music listeners of the '80s witnessed the maturation of John Mellencamp into a serious artist and songwriter. His best songs from the entire period confirm this.
Top 10 Songs Featured in John Hughes Films
The '80s films of John Hughes each rely significantly on pop music to help tell stories that blend comedy and drama arguably as well as Hollywood cinema has ever done. But Hughes was also no one-trick pony, employing music in often disparate ways to help make every cinematic experience feel rather new. Here's a chronological look at some of the songs that have helped make so many of these films unforgettable.
Top ELO Songs of the '80s
Known primarily for its '70s pop hits and ingenious blend of orchestral music with rock and roll, the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) doesn't often get due credit for its accomplishments during the '80s. Despite frenetic activity during the '80s as a producer, guardian of The Beatles' legacy and member of acoustic rock supergroup Traveling Wilburys, leader Jeff Lynne found time to release three successful studio albums during the same period with his longtime band. Here's a look at the best ELO songs from this latter portion of the band's career.
Heartland Rock - Profile of '80s Mainstream...
Heartland rock has exerted its influence on subsequent decades and certainly drew from previous rock, folk and country styles, but it hit its peak during the '80s as a viable mainstream form.
Journey Continues to Deserve its Essential,...
Though never a favorite of critics, Bay Area arena rockers Journey rose to a stunning level of popularity during the early '80s, eventually becoming one of rock's top-selling artists of all time.
The B-52s Blazed Many '80s Alternative Music...
Georgia band The B-52s brought fun and quirk to American college rock during the '80s, eventually becoming superstars despite the tragic loss of a founding member.
Top 8 XTC Songs of the '80s
Few '80s artists representing any genre released music as ambitious and solidly built on songcraft as XTC, one of the decade's primary masters of quirky British post-punk. Here's a look at some of the group's best tunes, all of them sophisticated and offering up a unique blend of pop and rock.
Top 10 ZZ Top Songs of the '80s
As one of the decade's most iconic bands in terms of visual image and sound, Texas blues-rock legends ZZ Top made the transition to full-tilt mainstream pop/rock with flair, conviction, and, most importantly, some pretty solid songs.
Top Peter Gabriel Songs of the '80s
I've never really questioned the artistic merit of Peter Gabriel as a performer, singer, songwriter and all-around musical genius. However, I have always felt somewhat distanced from his work, perhaps because his precision can create the illusion of coldness. Having revisited his rich '80s catalogue, I can say I'm over that impression now. Here's a chronological look at what I feel are Gabriel's finest solo offerings, a list whose process was both illuminating and challenging.

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