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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - 2014 Inductees Have '80s Style


2014's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees have a distinctive '80s music flavor, as three of the six performers honored (Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates and KISS) stand among the biggest pop music acts of that decade. Not all of the '80s music artists nominated this year found their way in, but the Rock Hall has certainly treated our favorite musical era well this time around.

More 2014 Inductees & Nominees
80s Music Spotlight10

Top AC/DC Songs of the '80s

As the result of tragedy, hard rock band AC/DC moved into an entirely new phase for the '80s that ultimately became its most popular period of all.

Paul Young Solo Artist Profile

English singer Paul Young enjoyed one major pop hit in the U.S. but became a major star in his native U.K. during the '80s.

Mike + the Mechanics Artist Profile

Led by guitarist Mike Rutherford of Genesis fame, Mike + the Mechanics also featured a pair of shining veteran lead singers in Paul Carrack and Paul Young.

Forgotten Gem of the '80s - Uncle Green

Though originating in New Jersey, guitar rock band Uncle Green relocated to Atlanta and became a well-received if generally little-known underground band.

Hunters & Collectors Artist Profile

Like many of its Australian peers, guitar rock band Hunters & Collectors began as a pub rock outfit, ultimately evolving into an imaginative, significant group of the '80s and '90s.

Forgotten Gem of the '80s - Peter Himmelman

Minnesota singer-songwriter Peter Himmelman often receives the label of a musician's musician, and his history as a serious, multi-faceted artist got its start during the '80s.

The Boomtown Rats Artist Profile

As a singular pop culture figure, Bob Geldof became more famous as an individual than as a rock frontman, but The Boomtown Rats certainly accomplished much during the early '80s.

Steve Perry Solo Artist Profile

Journey frontman Steve Perry had already become a major arena rock figure by the early '80s, and his 1984 solo debut confirmed a massive '80s relevance.

Top Steve Perry Solo Songs of the '80s

As frontman and the golden-voiced anchor of '70s and '80s arena rock band Journey, Steve Perry became a huge star. But his 1984 solo album shines as well.

Forgotten Gem of the '80s - Yo La Tengo - "Clunk"

Indie rock band Yo La Tengo began its career during the mid '80s, bringing a freewheeling, lively approach to the early years of indie and alternative rock.

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